Harness Skirt

Harness Skirt


This mens overall skirt by Eliran Nargassi has a regular fitting silouette through the body and a minimalist design, crafted in a luxurious 100% English wool fabric. The overall skirt are tailored and features front deep pleats, 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets 1 zippers with Hook, 2 straps that go from the front all way to the back creating a Y shaped detail, the back strap is elastic and stretching for perfect fitting, also features a vertical strap that is attached with 2 heavy duty metal rings.

Measure the following:

1. Waistline of the pants

2. Lenght from the top of the pants to the part where the knee ends

3. In case you have a pair of suspenders, wear them and measure the lenght from the buckle all up towards your torso and down to the same point on your back.


Size chart:

Size 28 - 28 inch in waist // 72 cm in waist

Size 30 - 30 inch in waist // 78 cm in waist

Size 32 - 32 inch in waist // 83 cm in waist

Size 34 - 34 inch in waist // 88 cm in waist

Size 36 - 36 inch in waist // 93 cm in waist

Please note that this piece is made to order, please make sure to check the processing time at the shipping & policies tab.