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I am Eliran Nargassi, a 39 yeard old, an Israeli menswear designer.

I graduated from Shenkar's College of Engineering and Design on 2012 and I started my brand during 2013.


My designs are a reflection of my core values: sustainability, minimalism, and humanity.


My inspiration comes from my background and identity. I was born to a Jewish orthodox family with Moroccan and Kurdish roots, but I now lead a secular lifestyle. I draw inspiration from this contrast and tension between the religious & secular, as well as issues of gender and sexuality. My designs embody these influences with graphic cuts & geometrical forms, contrasting colors, and silhouettes that challenge gender stereotypes.


My design process is very collaborative; dedicated to creating one of a kind, timeless pieces for my clients. Every garment is hand crafted and made-to-order. And every aspect of the piece - from fabrics, to colors and fit, can be customized to one’s own preferences.

I create each piece in my intimate at-home studio, nestled in the forested hills of Jerusalem. Here, I draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds me. This harmony with nature is reflected in my designs, which embrace neutral tones and natural fabrics like cotton and linen.


At the heart of my design philosophy is commitment to sustainability. My designs are 100% eco—friendly, not using any leather or fur, and my made-to-order approach is a zero-waste process. My brand embodies the  #slowfashion movement, with eco—friendly, quality pieces that customers will cherish for a lifetime.


The most rewarding aspect of my work is the connection I make with my clients. Because my process is so personal, I put my heart into every piece. In recent years, many of my new clients have been grooms, who appreciate the intimacy of this process for developing their wedding day attire.

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