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Accessibility statement

The Nargassi company does everything in its power to make the site accessible to as wide an audience as possible, so that people of all disabilities can use it. We strive to comply as much as possible with the website accessibility law and the rules of the Israeli Center for Website Accessibility. We strive to comply as much as possible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0, Level AA).

These days we are investing efforts in order to make the site accessible and of course we strive to meet the guidelines and standards for accessibility, but it is not always possible to do this in all areas of the site and we are now working to try to achieve this. Due to the dynamic nature of the site, problems may occur from time to time as it is regularly updated.

We work continuously so that all areas of the site reach the same level of accessibility.

The site supports all popular browsers such as: Internet Explorer 10 and above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. The site is optimized for mobile browsing.

In order to meet the requirements of the accessibility standard, we are making several adjustments to the site:

A header on each page defined as H1

The possibility of viewing the site in more contrasting colors is possible with the help of the accessibility add-on - located below on the right side of the site.

Maintaining hierarchy and clear visibility.

Possibility to search the site using the search bar that appears on all the pages of the site.

Use of clear and easy-to-fill forms + clear error messages.

Use of clear fonts.

Maintaining a clean and clear menu.

Setting the site's language - the site is automatically processed by the browsers into the correct language so that screen readers can understand the content.

DOM order - enables site navigation using a keyboard and screen readers

ARIA features - built-in aria features that provide an accessible user experience.

Alt text - textual descriptions of images that help visually impaired users Browsing using the keyboard - determining navigation and operation with keyboard only and the option of skipping to the main content.

All actions on the site can be performed using the keyboard:

Transfer to the next link on the TAB

page Activating a link ENTER

Return to previous link TAB + SHIFT

To increase the font, press the ctrl +

keys To reduce the font, press the ctrl -

If you encounter an accessibility problem, please report it to us and we will work to fix and improve as much as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us at

or phone  +972 (0)50-540-9070 

Your feedback will help us make improvements.

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